Thursday, 4 April 2013

What I know about growing taller

Okay you maybe doubting what i have got to say already aren't you... "how to grow taller!" something people just generally dismiss as something you cannot control only your genetics determines your height. But this assumption is wrong... I am not saying that genetics doesn't play a part in influencing how tall you end up being after you have stopped growing but there are often other factors which people do not consider and think about. Food plays a vital role in just how tall you can grow because it is food that is the fuel to your growth.
Amino acids found in protein (protein can be find in foods such as chicken and steak) are very important in the growth development people who do not eat foods rich in protein or are malnourished in any vitamins and minerals may find that there growth is stunted thus they cannot grow as tall as they may want or that your genes have allowed. You can also make sure you do not slouch or even hunch your back this will help you to improve your posture and helps you look taller. Being more aware of your posture is one of the best ways of improving it. Well really this is what I know about growing taller I thought i would just post about it here on my blog just to let you guys know what i know.