Sunday 30 June 2013

How to prepare for a hike

Being prepared when going on a hike is crucial not only for comfort but also for safety to.
Here are a few things you should bare in mind when going on a hike and what to pack.

Make sure that you have a fully charged mobile phone and a energy resource to recharge it... you should consider solar energy as a way of recharging your mobile as this is free... and you will always have at least some sunlight to charge your phone... satellite phones are the best as sometimes normal phones wont be able to get a proper signal in some places.

Insoles, to avoid foot problems and pain from making your hike into a nightmare you should pack some insoles and a spare pair just in case.. orthotic arch support insoles are the best kind to have they dont have to be custom but it is ideal if they are but custom ones are a bit more expensive though... Some non custom insoles work just as good for instance I prefer to wear some like these which are gel arch support insoles.

Pack plenty of food unless you are going hunting, even if you do hunt your own food you will need reserve food just in case you cant catch anything.

Tell people where you are hiking and when, let people know when you should be back.

Comment below if you got any more idea of how to prepare for a hike?

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Gel insoles for hiking

It's summer the sun is finally shining before it starts raining again why not take a walk in the countryside. But dont let anything get in your way.If you find that you cannot walk very far without getting foot cramps or pain then this is easily solved with some orthotic insoles. There are so many uses with insoles did you know that you can even get taller by wearing some height increasing insoles but i guess i will tell you more about that in another post shall I? Anyway back to walking... hikers and walkers across the world dont rely on flat shoes and insoles to walk in. Everybody can get footpain no matter who they are and how long they have been walking for.
Orthotic insoles have been made to help ease foot pain and cushion the foot in a natural position not just that some insoles have shock absorbing qualities thanks to the special gel that they have been made from. This gel also molds to the feets actual shape this makes buying custom orthotics a unnecessary expense as these insoles will fit uniquely to everyone.

Compared to custom insoles gel orthotics are a lot more cheaper to buy but have been proven to be just as effective if not better.

So for all of you people going on a hike be sure to pack some gel insoles!

Monday 27 May 2013

Hawaii somewhere all backpackers should go

If you backpacking and haven't been to Hawaii yet why not? With the most magnificent scenery on earth and untouched wildlife and atmosphere there isn't an excuse not to put it on the list of places you should visit.
Hawaii is in the south pacific this isolated island is surrounded by nothing but water, meaning it is a great escape from the modern western world. A popular tourist destination, but many tourists will not explore and discover all what Hawaii has to offer such as the volcano which created the island millions of years ago. This volcano made by a heat spot deep in the earths magma is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Why aren't you there discovering this island?

Take a break in Hawaii

Hawaii isn't just a holiday island where all you do is lazy around on a sunbed next to the pool. Hawaii has so many adventures and sights to see it would be simply foolish to sit by the pool all day wasting your holiday. If you planning on going to Hawaii be sure to make it a adventure that you will remember forever. Hawaii has one of the most active volcanoes in the world, there are many trails and hikes that you can go on to explore Hawaii and see all there really is to see. You can go on these trails around Hawaii landscape and mountains in groups with the experts who know all the best trails for you to walk on.
Make sure you pack some comfortable orthotics because if you do decide to go on a Hawaii trail adventure you will be doing a lot of walking which if your not wearing the best insoles can cause foot pain but the it is worth it. (Good insoles and orthotics to walk in can be bought online at affordable prices so there isn't any need to worry about cost..).

Nowhere in the world will you be able to see volcanoes displays like in Hawaii!

So don't be one of the boring people who stays around the pool there is much more to life than that and so much more to see as well! The good thing about Hawaii is much of it has been left untouched by humans, no pollution... see the scenery that has not changed for thousands of years. Visit and discover the island of Hawaii today.

Why you need insoles!

Whether you are going on a long hike or just a casual walk across the country side it is important what ever your age or fitness to protect your feet by wearing orthotic insoles. It is important because foot problems like plantar fasciitis can effect anybody at any time if you are not careful even the most athletic can be found to develop these problems (even more so because they are more often than not more active and on their feet).

Plantar fasciitis can be avoided by wearing special arch support insoles. Many people may tell you that arch supports don't work but just think of it this way your muscles, bones and tissues will weaken with age. Many who get plantar fasciitis will get it because they have not stretched properly and the plantar fascia on their foot will become damaged thanks to them not having enough and the right support around the arch.

The risk of this happening increases with age because the plantar fascia become weakened and less effective at supporting the arch and the pressure from gravity that builds up around the arch can then get to much causing plantar fasciitis.

That is why arch support help.. they provide extra support so this doe not occur. and help spread the pressure so not to cause damage either.

Thursday 4 April 2013

What I know about growing taller

Okay you maybe doubting what i have got to say already aren't you... "how to grow taller!" something people just generally dismiss as something you cannot control only your genetics determines your height. But this assumption is wrong... I am not saying that genetics doesn't play a part in influencing how tall you end up being after you have stopped growing but there are often other factors which people do not consider and think about. Food plays a vital role in just how tall you can grow because it is food that is the fuel to your growth.
Amino acids found in protein (protein can be find in foods such as chicken and steak) are very important in the growth development people who do not eat foods rich in protein or are malnourished in any vitamins and minerals may find that there growth is stunted thus they cannot grow as tall as they may want or that your genes have allowed. You can also make sure you do not slouch or even hunch your back this will help you to improve your posture and helps you look taller. Being more aware of your posture is one of the best ways of improving it. Well really this is what I know about growing taller I thought i would just post about it here on my blog just to let you guys know what i know.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

15 minutes each day to improve your eyesight

Like i said in my previous post pinhole glasses work! They are no myth it is possible to enhance your eye sight. Just think for a second all your muscles need training. You even train your brain to get more cleverer so why cant you train your eyes to work more efficiently and help you see more clearer  Well with pinhole glasses this is made possible. Im not just saying this but after i used these glasses my self after a month i am sure that my eyesight has improved. It is a slow improvement that takes time for you to see (no pun intended)
But just having them on whilst i watch tv for 15 minutes each day is all it takes! Cool.. i say.