Friday, 15 March 2013

Enhance your vision with pinhole glasses

So I was looking for something help improve my vision and that is when i found some pinhole glasses. Apparently if you wear these glasses they can significantly improve eye problems and strengthen your eye sight.
All you need to do is put them  on for 15 minutes a day whilst watching tv or something that you can do with limited vision.
After a round a month people may see a huge improvement in there eye sight... better and clearer.
Pinhole glasses (Provided is a link to a more in depth guide to what they actually are which you may find useful!) are a much more affordable way to enhance your eyesight. Surgery is not needed.
The pinhole glasses have been specially designed to help strengthen your eyesight they are like glasses but with pinholes obscuring your vision and this is how they work.

Pinhole glasses don't cost a lot and i think if you compare prices with having laser eye surgery you will find that your wallet will still have plenty of money left over in it for sure.

If you find that you seem to strain your eyes whilst watching tv then these are just for you.

Pinhole glasses are just like sunglasses but have plastic over where the lenses should be with specially placed "pinholes" dotted around to help focus the light.

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