Monday, 27 May 2013

Why you need insoles!

Whether you are going on a long hike or just a casual walk across the country side it is important what ever your age or fitness to protect your feet by wearing orthotic insoles. It is important because foot problems like plantar fasciitis can effect anybody at any time if you are not careful even the most athletic can be found to develop these problems (even more so because they are more often than not more active and on their feet).

Plantar fasciitis can be avoided by wearing special arch support insoles. Many people may tell you that arch supports don't work but just think of it this way your muscles, bones and tissues will weaken with age. Many who get plantar fasciitis will get it because they have not stretched properly and the plantar fascia on their foot will become damaged thanks to them not having enough and the right support around the arch.

The risk of this happening increases with age because the plantar fascia become weakened and less effective at supporting the arch and the pressure from gravity that builds up around the arch can then get to much causing plantar fasciitis.

That is why arch support help.. they provide extra support so this doe not occur. and help spread the pressure so not to cause damage either.

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