Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to prepare for a hike

Being prepared when going on a hike is crucial not only for comfort but also for safety to.
Here are a few things you should bare in mind when going on a hike and what to pack.

Make sure that you have a fully charged mobile phone and a energy resource to recharge it... you should consider solar energy as a way of recharging your mobile as this is free... and you will always have at least some sunlight to charge your phone... satellite phones are the best as sometimes normal phones wont be able to get a proper signal in some places.

Insoles, to avoid foot problems and pain from making your hike into a nightmare you should pack some insoles and a spare pair just in case.. orthotic arch support insoles are the best kind to have they dont have to be custom but it is ideal if they are but custom ones are a bit more expensive though... Some non custom insoles work just as good for instance I prefer to wear some like these which are gel arch support insoles.

Pack plenty of food unless you are going hunting, even if you do hunt your own food you will need reserve food just in case you cant catch anything.

Tell people where you are hiking and when, let people know when you should be back.

Comment below if you got any more idea of how to prepare for a hike?

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